Imola’s tendency is to never repeat itself, but to constantly move forwards in order to meet the requirements of modern architecture.
But this is not always possible and certain ideas can benefit from new developments.
The new Micron 2.0 project uses the name of one of Imola’s bestsellers and reinterprets it in a contemporary perspective, to meet the needs of public or private architecture. Innovative technology, new fashionable colours and new formats, amongst which also the extra-size 60x120 cm and 120x120 cm, are the main features of this resistant and lasting full body porcelain stoneware, ideal for exteriors, living and commercial spaces.

5 Format

60x60cm, 30x60cm, 60x120cm, 120x120cm, 30x30cm.

8 Colors

Almond, Beige, Black, Dark grey, Brown, Grey, White, Ice.



Why choose MICRON 2.0


Rectified tiles allow for extremely small joints for an aesthetic finish with great continuity.


Imola a contemporary brand that satisfies all style requirements with a product that is solid, long-lasting and beautiful.


It is used in any residential and commercial context from an apartment to an airport.

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