The room.

The room.
Imola Ceramica's exploration path continues with regard to the wealth of quality marbles and their interpretation. Once again, the project is the perfect mix between the potential of ceramic slabs and the modernity of creative language and research. The Room is a wealth of four new proposals that interpret reference models from a variety of areas, differing in renown and how they are used. GRAND ANTIQUE d'AUBERT is a stone extracted in France in the northern Pyrenees. The quarry, closed for almost 70 years, has only recently be re-opened. It has been used on some extremely famous occasions, including for Napoleon's tomb. Its black and white marks with such defined contrasts have never been seen in any other marble found in nature. PANDA WHITE is a truly surprising marble from the Far East. It is strongly characterised by a very white background, accentuated by intense black lines with wider stripes or thicker waves and all completed with a white crystallization on the clear base which highlights its transparency. BLACK DAHLIA, comes from central America and is a stone belonging to the silicate onyx category. Generally black with white streaks, it is enriched with incredible details that can vary from yellow to brown, even as far as red via ivory and grey. INVISIBLE WHITE, a marble extracted in Asia Minor and made up almost exclusively of dolomite rock which transformed over time and with the heat into a crystalline, slightly transparent stone. It has a white background widely laced with grey veins which sometimes present small almost amber sedimentations. Full-body porcelain stoneware, The Room comes in 4 new colours and slab formats of 120x260 cm, 120x120 cm and 60x120 cm, all with a thickness of 6.5 mm and is suitable for both flooring as well as for full wall cladding. It has two surface finishes: an all round shiny gloss-honed version and a natural one whose originality lies in the different light refractions on its surface. The Room is ready to become a unique collection, currently consisting of eight strongly differing "marbles" both in appearance and origin; a unique collection capable of satisfying the most sophisticated tastes, for top quality modern and original surroundings. 2019 Colours: GRAND ANTIQUE d’AUBERT, PANDA WHITE, BLACK DAHLIA, INVISIBLE WHITE. 2018 Colours: STATUARIO VENA PICCOLA, INFINITY BRAZILE, CREMO DELICATO, SAN PEDRO.
4 Format.
120x260, 120x120, 60x60, 60x120.
4 Colours.
White, Black, Dove grey, Grey.
1 Thickness.
Perchè scegliere The room.
An exclusive technology highlights the graphics in its countless facets, lending variations and a visually striking visual impact.
An extremely captivating and elegant visual impact thanks to the realness and the multiple marble graphics on the laid surface.
The big size tiles, with their exclusive dimensions, open up new design perspectives in the world of architecture and interior design.
Let the collection inspire you.
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