Kuni’s great appeal lies in the extraordinarily warm and captivating look of wood blended with realistic and natural colours.
A ‘wild’ appeal, made of surface knots and structures, which has been rendered a fully contemporary solution by the new, and previously unavailable, large format: 60x180 cm.
With the 20x180 and 20x120 formats Imola presents a project that lets you lay veritable wood-effect boards to achieve a well-worn finish.

4 Format

30x30cm, 20x120cm, 60x180cm, 20x180cm.

6 Colors

Almond, Dark beige, Grey, Brown, Dark brown, White.



Why choose KUNI


Tiles are simple to clean every day.


Soft and comfortable like natural wood, it lends every space an authentic feeling of comfort.


Tiles are the perfect choice for those who love beautiful things that are at the same time functional and long-lasting.

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