The Latin name emphasises the creative origin of the collection. Genus, meaning seed, origin, new development.

Most companies search for natural slabs that they can reproduce in their tiles. We take a different approach.    Our inspiration comes from natural things that we then re-interpret “in our own way”, developing absolutely new features and tweaks, so that we can provide you with something unique and unparalleled.

4 Format

60x120cm, 120x120cm, 60x60cm, 30x30cm.

3 Colors

Beige, White, Black.



Why choose GENUS


The eternal allure of marble combined wit the unique properties of porcelain stoneware.


The latest generation of digital printing enhances any flooring thanks to tiles that are always different from each other.


Tiles are the perfect choice for those who love beautiful things that are at the same time functional and long-lasting.

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