Tiles are boring

Enjoy your REAL life!

Enjoy your tile

Enjoy your real life!.

Daily life is stage, with those imperfections and unexpected events that make it so unique and special, told from a definetely unexpected point of view: the POV of TILES where the product is always the protagonist, sometimes unaware, of the new Imola campaign.  ENJOY YOUR REAL LIFE. #staytuned

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The new Imola #RealityRemod configurator inserts wall and floor tiles into photographs of real environments or installation example templates. So, in just a few seconds, you can see what impact the colour and style of your favourite ceramic solutions will have. With our new configurator, designing is quick and easy. You can create simulations of all your rooms, definite tile positions and layout patterns, experiment with different grouts in terms of colour and thickness and print out and share your ideas. The results are amazing and immediate! Try it out now!


We are TILE Lovers.

In order to thank you for your participation, here, in a few seconds, a small trip to our stand and the story of our experience at the 2022 edition.
See you next year!