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Enjoy your REAL life


Giacomo, Emma e Anna

The house of Emma, Giacomo and Anna was the setting for unique and original everyday situations. They enjoyed and amazed every time, because Tiles are boring, Enjoy your life.

Alice e Riccardo

Alice and Riccardo lived unique and original situations that made them even more closed. Because Tiles are boring, Enjoy your life.

Wake up!

You know, in the morning the bathroom is the busiest place in the house. Accomplices the rush and a little distraction and … something went wrong.​
Enjoy your bathroom!

Take-away is always a better choice!

To Riccardo, homemade sushi seemed like a great idea but it turned out to be an epic fail, so plan B comes into action:​ let’s take-away :)​
Enjoy your kitchen!

Smart working adventures

Working from home has severel silver lining: a tablet, a sofa and good music are enough and Giacomo is done. But a little unexpected company doesn’t hurt.​ Enjoy your studio!

Daily women’s dilemma

Every day the same dilemma: the refined red dress or the elegant nude dress? Finally, Emma decides to wear the usual jeans and t-shirts to feel at ease. Enjoy your walk-in closet!​

Don’t panic, it’s just a tattoo!

When the tattoo artist Elettra begins to draw, panic reaches Riccardo. However, it only takes a few minutes to complete the work … what you can do for love!Tiles are boring, enjoy your life!​

Play with colors!

Each tube of color contains a wonderful world. Anna mixes them on the sheet and enjoys creating infinite combinations, but that clean wall is too attractive. Pak: a touch of color is just what you need:) Enjoy your playroom!

Happy anniversary!​

Giacomo amazes Emma with breakfast in bed to celebrate their anniversary, but the surprises are not over. Little Anna steals the spoil. Enjoy your bedroom!​

Surprise me!

It looks like a special evening with high expectations. Guess what’s in the box?! Nothing can seduce Alice more than Riccardo’s irony.

Inhale, exhale, have fun!

Yoga=concentration but sometimes hilarity takes over Alice and Marta during the group lesson in the shala. Tiles are boring Enjoy your life!

Take a break!

During a relocation for Alice: “home is always where my records are”.
Enjoy your living!

Best of enjoy tour life

Let’s go through the story of Giulia and Tommaso. An adventure made of love, memories and special moments, with the home of their dreams in the background.

La camera dei bimbi

It’s good to be in the house of our dreams…and sometimes go back to chilwood. Free the imagination!

Tennis match

Laughter with friends and a cool beer, what could go wrong…
find out in the new chapter of Tiles Are Boring Enjoy Your Life.

Love Is In The Air

At Christmas we are all better.
Tommaso and Giulia do not need mistilshell to show their love for each other.

The office

An unexpected message during an important meeting distracts Tommaso for a moment,
and is immediately reproach by the boss.
Will he find a way to fix it?

Chef adventures

Oh no, what a mess!
Giulia hoped to spend a quiet afternoon and instead found herself in the middle of a war between brothers.

Wake up

A sudden surprise wakes up Giulia and Tommaso, who knows who will win the battle of the pillows…

Dinner Date

A candlelight dinner is perfect for enjoying a nice evening and getting to know each other better.