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How can the numerical relationship between one and four be turned into a concept that is both functional and stylish? We are talking about the new wood effect collection.Style: 1 to 4 is the proportion between the short and long side of the plank that this collection presents in one format only, 30x120 cm. The idea was to create a product with antique charm - wood - and a modern design - a wider, shorter plank - that could be laid evenly and not staggered.Wood 1 to 4 may look complicated, but it is really very simple. Offering four variants, classic colours and a substantially new format in a single collection means successfully satisfying more sales demands.

1 Format


3 Colors

Almond, Dark beige, Brown.



Why choose WOOD 1A4


Tiles, a safe choice. Resistant to fire, scratches and it doesn't deform over time.


Soft and comfortable like natural wood, it lends every space an authentic feeling of comfort.


Tiles are the perfect choice for those who love beautiful things that are at the same time functional and long-lasting.

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