Crystalline water laps the ceramic surface, warming it with the setting sun.
Shades has drawn its inspiration from the Mediterranean light, colours and sensations that only that unique nature can evoke.
The chromatic vibrations of Shades become veritable explosions of colours where the solar hues of beige, yellow, orange and red mix with the marine colours of white, aquamarine, blue and light blue to achieve bright, intense and energetic surfaces. The natural elements shape a dynamic and solar effect.
The traditional ceramic colours and glazes have been reinterpreted with a contemporary approach that make Shades an extremely striking collection.

2 Format

20x60cm, 30x30cm.

9 Colors

Red, Orange, Dark yellow, Beige, White, Dark blue, Blue, Aquamarine, Teal green.



Why choose SHADES


Tiles are simple to clean every day.


Creativity knows no limits or boundaries: carefully designed colours and glazes lend spaces an original touch.


Made with love with great attention and devotion for the materials, glazes and colour palette.

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