RE_MICRON. An extremely elegant 'solid colour' effect. | Imola Ceramics


A triumph of technology, it is aimed at the architecture and design sector. The ceramic slabs have a gentle surface movement effect and come in a variety of colours, which can be coordinated, according to new aesthetic requirements.
There are a total of seven new shades, pale, medium and medium-dark. Three surface finishes are available: polished, natural and bush-hammered.

Re_Micron is completed with Re_Colour wall tiles. Double fired and rectified with the same caliber, these have a glossy look, for rooms with the most up-to-date minimalist appearance. Ideal for the most imposing and memorable designs.

3 Format

60x60cm, 30x60cm, 30x30cm.

7 Colors

Dove grey, Beige, Grey, Almond, Dark grey, White, Greige.



Why choose RE_MICRON


Rectified tiles allow for extremely small joints for an aesthetic finish with great continuity.


Imola a contemporary brand that satisfies all style requirements with a product that is solid, long-lasting and beautiful.


To meet every compositional requirement between indoor and outdoor, the project can be completed with the R11 version for exteriors.

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