Koala takes its inspiration from the prestigious forms of eucalyptus wood, a plant that grows principally in Australia, where for centuries it has been used to produce furniture and stylish and functional architectural features.

Based on the quality of this material, Imola has designed a new project that stands out for its perfect wood effects, sharp graphics, delicate graining and soft surfaces. All of which creates a unique sensation of sober and natural elegance.

3 Format

20x120cm, 30x30cm, 20x180cm.

4 Colors

Almond, Beige, Dark beige, Brown.


6.5mm, 10mm.

Why choose KOALA


The 6.5 mm thickness allows for large sized tiles that are light, making them easy to lay and handle.


Soft and comfortable like natural wood, it lends every space an authentic feeling of comfort.


The 6.5 mm thick slabs can be used for flooring and facings.

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