Clay. An antique, ductile and multiform material that has been used throughout history for creating domestic objects and a wide variety of artistic creations that still has important connections with painting and sculpture today. Imola, who can count on over 145 years of ceramic culture, are carrying forward this creative idea on two levels: on one hand, a more industrial product and, on the other, a craft-based artefact. These worlds combine in a single concept of style and form.

1 Format


6 Colors

Kaolin, Clay, Terracotta, Brick red, Cement, Cobalt.


9.8mm, 11.3mm.

Why choose GESSO


Tiles are hygienic and they don't foster the formation of moulds and bacteria.


A wide range of colours to customise your spaces.


Made with love with great attention and devotion for the materials, glazes and colour palette.

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